It is not intended to provide any information to the public in relation to mortgages or making mortgage applications.

If you have arrived at this site looking for a mortgage you can contact us on 01275 399339 for further information.

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Our main panel consists of lenders which allow us to process mortgage applications on a business to business basis.

From time to time we will encounter a case where our main panel is either unsuccessful or uncompetitive.

Where our business introducer can submit this case direct to our non-panel lender we will offer a

Placement Only Service.


This service utilises the skills, experience and expertise of staff with 20 years plus , in the placement and processing

of mortgage applications.


Placement Only.

Your enquiry will be handled in the same way as with our panel cases with a DIP being submitted with the initial placement

fee of £50. Should the placement process result in a non-panel lender, you will be provided with

all  the details of the rates and fees for that lender, which will allow the selection of a product meeting your

Clients’ requirements.

Having confirmed the product and fees are acceptable we will require a one off payment of £495, which is

fully refundable should the lender fail to offer the case based upon the information supplied by you.

This does NOT include, undisclosed credit/adverse, poor Bank Statements, valuation problems, incorrect application

information etc.  Should the client lose the property we will assist your firm when a new property is found, free of charge.


Our underwriters will then provide you with:

1.      A full DIP acceptance from the lender based on the information you have provided to us

2.      All case notes and discussion information between us and the lender

3.      A full list of underwriting requirements

4.      A KFI produced to your specified requirements in your Company’s name

Underwriters will then work with you to transfer the DIP into your Company’s name, and provide technical support

during the application process.

Should you encounter any problems we will use our contacts and expertise to provide a solution.

We will have  no contact with your client in any regulatory capacity: the case will remain entirely your responsibility under MCOB rules.

Should you wish to use our Solicitors’ panel , you will receive support from our legal manager from offer to completion.  You will also be paid £100 for using this service.

Should you wish us to charge a completion fee , we are happy to collect this and forward funds to you